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Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization
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Automation and Integrations

Within any business, time is money. It's easy to let tedious tasks surmount to mounds, bogging up our days and stealing away what otherwise could be extremely useful and profitable time.

When Amy and Ally at Engel and Völkers Vancouver first met with us, they had big ambitions, but were plagued with a ton of tedious work. As we began working with them, we developed a strategy to offload a lot of the tedious tasks off of their shoulders. Instead of having to hire more people in house, we installed software solutions such as Hubspot CRM, Acuity Scheduling, Mailchimp, and educated them on how to use Canva for simple edits.

The next steps were to get their website, social media profiles, and digital advertising campaigns set up in such a way that they would work for them, not against them.

One common error that businesses make is that they lack a central source of data. To simplify things, we created a multifaceted set of integrations between all of their new software using Zapier or native integrations. That way, when a new lead booked an appointment on their website (instead of calling at random, unscheduled times), this prospect would be inputted into their CRM Database. This improved dialog between those in the office, and those that prospects that showed interest.

By integrating Mailchimp, we began capitalising on an already large yet untapped database of leads, investors, and previous clients. By sending regular updates at different intervals, we kept Amy and Ally engaged with their audience. This also helped drive more visitors to their website.

Real Estate Website Design and Development

Moving into the next stages, we will be conducting a full website design overhaul for Amy and Ally, and pairing it with both Search Engine Optimization and Paid Traffic Advertising Campaigns to bolster an unprecedented amount of new traffic to both their social media accounts and website. Here's a sample of the new website. It can also be viewed live at

Amy & Ally Website Design Showcase
Amy & Ally's New Website Design Showcase

Real Estate Search Engine Optimization

After the launch of the new website, the in-house SEO team at Latched Creative worked diligently to build a notable list of backlinks and citations for the new website. By leveraging the existing database that Amy & Ally had, we were able to make strategic partnerships to secure blog posts and citations. By promoting the new website on Social Media, we were also able to get a good foothold for ranking specific keywords that were relevant to Amy & Ally.

One of the challenges with real estate SEO in Vancouver is that there are a ton of agents. It therefore was crucial to leverage their existing CRM database to its fullest extent. Here are some screenshots from Google Analytics that showcase the incredible results were able to achieve within the first few weeks of launching the new website:

Amy & Ally Google Analytics Data 1
Amy & Ally Google Analytics Data 2

One of the challenges with website re-designs is that SEO rankings are usually easily lost. Inexperienced website designers will often forget to maintain and carry over link structure, and perform adequate website audits, site crawls, and link redirects. Fortunately in this case with Amy & Ally at Engel & Völkers Vancouver, we were able to increase their organic website visitors drastically after the re-design.

Currently, we are continuing to create weekly blog posts for Amy & Ally, and are continuing to perform bouts of weekly backlink building. Additionally, we are working on increasing local SEO through Google My Business optimization. This includes, but is not limited to, creating local Google Maps citations and building positive Google Reviews.

Facebook Lead Generation Ads (Social Media Marketing)

Within 30 days, the in-house team of Media Buyers at Latched Creative was able to generate an average cost per lead of approximately $6.51 CAD, or $4.82 USD. For a total of $768 CAD spent, Latched was able to secure 118 On-Facebook Leads. All of the data from these leads was handed off automatically to Amy & Ally's in-house sales representative that would call and pre-qualify them. These results are incredible, especially because they took place during the heat of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown in British Columbia. Have a look at the screenshot below:

At Latched Creative, we have a unique in-house strategy that we use to generate these sorts of results. Few other agencies are aware of unique targeting methods that we use for our Facebook ads, setting us in a new league of our own. If you are a Real Estate professional, you own it onto yourself to have a consistent marketing system that works for you, not against you.

If you're looking at achieving these sorts of results, book a discovery call with our in-house team. Click here to book a call with us, and to see if we'd be a good fit!

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